Colored Contact Lenses
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Tutti Contact Lenses

Tutti Color Contact Lenses
Tutti provide a range of cosmetic color contact lenses. All Tutti lenses are CE and FDA approved.

Tutti Premium Color Contact Lenses
Tutti Premium are a three tone (3 color tones) color contact lens which blends beautifully with light and dark eyes to create a realistic looking eye colour. View our range of Tutti Premium Color Contact Lenses.

Tutti Classic Color Contact Lenses
Tutti Classic are a two tone (2 color tones) color contact lens which offers a richer, more saturated colour and darker outer ring to enhance your eye color. View our range of Tutti Classic Color Contact Lenses.

Tutti Circle Color Contact Lenses
Tutti Circle are a two tone (2 color tones) contact lens which are a step richer than the Classic range. The outer black circle is notably darder and a distinct feature of this lense. View our range of Tutti Circle Color Contact Lenses.

Tutti Natural Color Contact Lenses
Tutti natural is a single tone (one color) contact lense that blends in with your natural eye color to enhance or completly change the colour of your eyes. View our range of Tutti Natural Colour Contact Lenses.

Tutti Impressions
Tutti's range of Impression color contact lenses provide a subtle yet elegant eye colour change. With a proper pupil size, beautiful attractive colors and an outer dark ring will give you a realistic color transformation. Tutti Impression's range of colored contact lenses are a medium opaque lens providing a subtle eye color change. A smaller pupil size provides realistic looking eyes. Suitable for most eye colours and highly recommended for day time usage where the pupil is smaller. View our range of Tutti Impression Contact Lenses.

Tutti Premium Contact Lens Specifications:
Base Curve Diopter Diameter Centre Thickness Water Content
8.60 mm -1.00 ~ -9.00D 14.0mm 0.06mm 38%
Contents: One pair (2 contact lenses).
Durability: 3 months.
Material: Casting Mold, HEMA~ NVP.

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